Chivalry is an Attractive Quality in Men

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

When a guy looks out for others instead of being self-absorbed and self-centered, he is noticed by girls. Chivalry: Attractive. Magnetic. Wholesome.

1.      Chivalry isn’t just for your girlfriend. As H. Muller writes, "The concept of chivalry has changed with the times. Chivalry now means being kind and courteous to anyone, regardless of if we are romantically interested in them or not. This means helping the older woman carry her groceries to her car,"  or even simple things like setting aside one's technology during meals.
2.      It prepares you for the future. Guys who treat females like royalty deserving of respect and thoughtfulness, and who learn to serve even when they don’t feel like it, build into their character the muscles of patience and tenderness they will one day need as husbands and fathers.
3.      It isn’t about getting noticed. Chivalrous guys are genuinely kind and serving to everybody even when nobody’s around to notice. Whether they’re listening with interest as an elderly person tells them the same story for the tenth time, or they’re behind the scenes helping a young couple move into their new house, they go the extra mile without expecting to be observed by anyone around who might give them a good review.
4.      Chivalry is very attractive. It is a character quality that I and many other girls are praying for in our future husbands, and one that we should be working on in our own lives if that is what we expect from our men.

How have you seen chivalry in your family?
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  1. Yes! You nailed it, Ems!

    Example #1: My brother, Mitch, has been working long hours doing construction of late. Many days I don't see him at all, or just fora few minutes in the morning or evening. Last evening, I knew he would be staying in town instead of coming home for the night, so I took the opportunity to give him and hug, tell him goodnight, and talk for just a few minutes. After giving me a fond hug, he looked down at me and said, "You should get some sleep". "Why, do I look tired?" I asked. "Yes, you do" he replied. It may sound like a small thing, but to me it was so chivalrous that he would notice that I looked tired and encourage me to get my rest.
    Example #2: My brother, Denver, offered to make breakfast for me, just because.:)

    There's nothing quite like having 6 chivalrous brothers!:)


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