My 21st Birthday

Saturday, July 12, 2014

It was a momentous day on the 10th, as it was my 21st birthday, and the schedule was full of fun things. Ibs talked for weeks beforehand of all the things we really should do on my birthday -- she is good at planning fun things -- and it all sounded exciting to me. It's a tradition in the Adams household that whoever is having a birthday gets to pick the meals, and everyone else cooks them. So I enjoyed relaxing while the guys cooked up a scrumptious breakfast of hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, fresh strawberries, and good coffee. Then Mums and Papa left to drop off Papa's rental car (he's been in CA for two weeks and got home at 11:00p.m. on the 9th), and we kids piled into the vehicle to go help a friend with an older lady who needed three storage units condensed into one.

We got back home in time to make chipotle burgers and guacamole for lunch, then in the afternoon we sat around and talked, went for a great swim, played music together, and generally relaxed, which is not something we do that often. :) Ike still had two hours of distance legal work (he works for a company in California), but those were soon over and we enjoyed a good time of rejuvenation as a family.
Then, in the late afternoon, we headed out to the home of some dear friends, where we proceeded to happily spend the next many hours...
 listening to great stories

we adore our adopted grandmother :)

 I loved the birthday sign!

opening sweet gifts

 super excited about this cute bird feeder!

they're great musicians and we had SO much fun jamming with them...

Thank-you to all the people who made my birthday special!


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