Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 25, 2015

[sweet little sis cooking up something tasty...]

Merry Christmas, people! I am having an amazing day. It’s Christmas Day and we’re all home, we’re all happy, I’m drinking hot chocolate, and everyone is gathered around working on projects. Papa is reading an interesting book and I am eager to hear his thoughts on it. Mums is also reading something interesting, and I am wondering if she might take me out for coffee soon, so that we can discuss said interesting subject… :)

Curtis is at the kitchen table, finishing up a leather project. I am completely astounded at what he can create with only a few tools. At least he is working with high quality leather – he befriended a local Italian  who imports designer quality leather from Italy, and this guy gives Curtis all sorts of leather in exchange for handmade products such as wooden signs, furniture, and occasionally hot peppers. It’s a win-win situation for both of them!

Augs is also working with leather. He’s currently making a carrying bag for ski goggles, and it looks incredible already.

Ike is labeling a last-minute Christmas present.

Ibs just finished making the hot chocolate I mentioned earlier, and is now upstairs working on a very secret Christmas project…. It’s making me SO curious!!

I am enjoying every minute of this day. I have “Every day feels like summer with you” going in my head, there is a pleasant roasting smell coming from the oven, I am warm and comfortable, and I am wearing one of my favorite scarves. Actually it’s Ibby’s scarf. Ahem. :)

Merry Christmas!!!

Pepper-Man & a late Vermont Fall

Monday, December 21, 2015


I think it is still summer in Vermont. These pictures were taken a couple of months ago, but it still looks pretty similar outside right now - except for the plants, and the leaves, and the green, and the sunshine, and Pepper-Man out there gardening. Despite the brown-ness of stick season, the temps remind me of June, and the lonely skis waiting for snow remind me that it is not June!

I like the name Pepper-Man. It was coined by a cute dark-eyed little girl at a small Vermont farmer’s market, from whom Curtis bought a lot of little pepper plants.

It has just begun to snow outside, and I am barely restraining myself from doing a wild whooping dance in the kitchen. I also feel like dancing because for the first time in six long days, I am feeling better! This last week has been a bit of a trial, as it always is when you’re knocked flat by a malevolent bug, but I am emerging a new person, and SO grateful for health. I am also incredibly grateful for an awesome family who takes great care of me when I’m sick!

While I’m still sort of on the subject of summer, peppers, and gardening, here is Bro #3 with a plateful of peppers that he and Bro #2 were getting ready to stuff. 



Here are said peppers, stuffed and oozing with cheesy perfection. These are AMAZING!! I think I could live on stuffed peppers. You could, too, if you’d try these… sure to win your heart, your stomach, and your wallet because they’re home-grown.

All this, and more, if you come for a visit!

Happy December!!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

[putting up Christmas lights]

Welcome to the last month of 2015... a good time for eating tasty holiday food, looking at one's list of goals for the year (and hopefully feeling encouraged by the looking), decorating the house with lots and lots of Christmas lights, breathing deeply of the piney smell of the tree, and...ordering Christmas presents!!

Not everyone gives Christmas presents, but in the Adams household, it's a grand tradition. Which means that around now, there is a flurry of activity behind closed doors, many whispered consultations, late-night order-placing, and mysterious little brown packages arriving.

Decision-making is made somewhat more complicated by two things: the kids' ultra-petite budgets, and the fact that we live in a place where there are many cute stores around - not just the expensive small boutiques, but mom and pop stores with very, very nice gift ideas. So it's not all just Amazon these days...

For example, just a few miles up the road from us there is a scrumptious chocolate & gift shop - Lake Champlain Chocolates, as well as a little place called the Stowe Street Emporium, which is an extremely dangerous store. One step inside and you want everything. Everything, folks. These people are onto something, and it might just be that my Christmas bank account disappears there. At least the rest of the family will be happy, and the store people will be happy, and I will be happy. :)

I love this season...

GMHC 2015 Recap

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How can one even begin to describe a mountaintop-of-the-year experience? The Global Missions Health Conference is one of the top highlights of every year: 3 packed days, 4 plenary messages, dozens of breakout sessions to choose from, and the incredible encouragement of worshipping together with over 3,000 people. 

This Missions thing is not always easy. Worth it? Yes. Awesome, incredible, overwhelming, breathtaking, and life-changing? Absolutely. But easy? Not. Being in the center of God’s will is the BEST place to spend every minute of one’s life… and while we always receive more blessings than we ever deserve, there are often slippery or difficult patches to navigate as we travel this Kingdom road.

I was eleven years old when my family and I left the sunny paradise of California and headed North and East towards an unfamiliar and forbidding land. With a heart still aching from saying goodbye to our house and pets and orchards and gardens and everything we called home, I soon became intrigued by the fascinating new life opening before us. It was cold. And snowy. And windy. And the people didn’t speak our language (an awkward and novel experience for a kid). 

Slowly, we accustomed ourselves to this new life. We taught ourselves music, learned to eat strange foods, embarrassed ourselves (and made others laugh) with our French until it finally became smoother, studied the captivatingly complex culture of the Acadians, and became pros at ice-jumping – an Adams-invented sport involving leaping from iceberg to iceberg (it’s only risky if you attempt this over deep water). We were happy.

We were also awed by the difficulties of missions life, and the only place we could turn was to God, Who was always there for us and brought us through every.single.moment of, faithful and trustworthy and worth serving. There were days when the fridge was empty and we were hungry and there was no money with which to buy food. Sometimes winter storms would rage for long cold days at a time, the snow packed firmly against the windows and shutting out the light, ice caked in thick sheets over everything, the electricity out, the temperature in the house hovering around freezing. There was palpable demonic oppression that gives me goosebumps right now just remembering it. And the Islanders are a hard people, a resolute and rugged group of shipwreck descendants, with whom you must build years of relationship before winning their trust.

I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything! I’ve learned that the best place to be is wherever God calls, and who knows where that will be in one or ten or fifty years from now. God has us stationed at a base across the Quebec border at the moment, in Vermont, the least churched state in the whole of the U.S., and it is a mission field all its own. 

Which is why conferences like the GMHC are a great shot in the arm (understatement of the year). So, here is a sampling of my favorite quotes from those three full days (for security reasons, I’ve only included first names):

“If there is no risk, there is no need for faith.” – Charles

“You’re not too young or too old to hear God calling your name…. God wants you to serve where YOU are needed most.” – Joseph

“Students: whatever you are studying, don’t waste your life.” – Eileen

“Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world – what are we doing about it?” – Eileen

“Jesus was always busy, but never in too much of a hurry to care for hurting people…. The highest and best use of your life is to do what He has called you to do, where He has called you to do it.” – Brian

“Am I a missionary only to the [-----], or am I a missionary everywhere, even at home?” - Evan

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