The California Trip: Part Four

Monday, August 31, 2015

We Oak Brook College of Law alums are totally spoiled because the annual alumni meeting is held at such a beautiful place. It is also a tasty place...

I love those squeeze bottles. And that burger was incredible.

Here is me attempting to pose with a cairn. We Adams have a thing about cairns; whenever we see them we feel the need to do our part by adding a little pebble. It's a tradition, you know. :)

Here I was supposed to be showing how low the water level currently is (due to the drought), but mostly I was just enjoying the hot sand under my feet, the sound of the birds overhead, and the pleasant algae-smell of the beach. It was a good day.

Last but definitely not least - it was SO GOOD to catch up with this dear friend!!! We successfully solved all of the world's problems over the weekend. Or something like that. :) It was so, so, so wonderful to discuss life, share hearts, and encourage one another to greater things (thank-you Laura). It was so, so, so wonderful to enjoy last snippets of fellowship with fabulous people. It was good to hear interesting ideas (thank-you Emily M). It was good to enjoy fish and chips out on the beautiful terrace with awesome people (thank-you Chris). It was good to talk politics (thank-you Mark).

I had a blast! It was sad to leave, but my heart is full with sweet memories, and the inspiration that comes from gleaning wisdom from those who are ahead of me in this journey of life. 

God is so good to me! I'm really grateful for all the opportunities He gives.

(the CA journal will be wrapped up tomorrow...)

The California Trip: Part Three

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy Sunday, folks! I'm currently in a hotel in the middle of Tennessee and the internet is, well, not what internet is supposed to be. :) So I'm just posting this one picture of Lake Tahoe in all its wonderfulness, and I'll write the next installment of the California journal tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

The California Trip: Part Two

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The smell of the air is different in many states. I have only really noticed that recently, thinking back on all of the places we have been, and realizing that every place has a different smell to it, a different feeling to the air. California is the same: it smells of many things and I don’t think I can even begin to describe it. Yet it was the same smell that I knew from my childhood, and it flooded my heart with great happiness (if more happiness was possible) as I stood outside in front of the Sacramento airport and waited patiently for a lumbering shuttle to come pick us up.

To stand once again with my feet on the ground was wonderful. And it wasn’t because I hadn’t liked the flying (it was awesome). It was because, for the first time in ever so long, my own two feet were standing on California soil, and my own two feet liked it. I stood there and felt the hot concrete beneath me, smelled the wonderful scents, and was overcome with gratitude for the opportunity God had provided. Truly He is good to me!

A kind Mexican man with a huge grin helped us to load our luggage into the shuttle, and then before we knew it, we were at the rental car pick-up place. Our car was ready for us, a snazzy silver Mitsubishi that didn’t like hills but did like speed, with soft black cloth seats and wonderful cool air conditioning that reminded us (again) that we were in California.

Now the first thing to do was to find lunch. And what might be the perfect California lunch? …In-n-Out Burger, of course!! Oh yeah. Oh yum. It had just been tooooo long since I had had one of their burgers, and those ever-so-tasty fries. Um…and a chocolate milkshake. My, was it good to be back! There's nothing quite like a company that puts a Bible verse on their cups!

After a little while we began making our way up towards the foothills. The land was changing again, as we re-traced our path from earlier on the plane, and I eagerly snapped pictures as the Sierras loomed larger ahead of us. The foothills in California are unlike any foothills I know anywhere else. The trees are different, the grass is different, even the earth is different. When we opened our windows, the smell of the hills came into us on the breeze – smells of pine and hot rocks and sagebrush and wildflowers and a hundred other lovely things. And there was Lake Tahoe. Oh Tahoe, Tahoe, land of epic times and incredible memories and good people and answers to prayer and inspiring messages and sweet fellowship and wonderful friends! What a place!

We arrived at the conference center with just moments of time before dinner, but we had help with directions (thank-you Laura) and help with lodging (thank-you James) so we made it.

Now, I am going to give you full and complete disclosure: I won’t pretend to hide the fact that I’m going to put in plugs for Oak Brook College of Law. This is simply an incredible school. And if you don’t feel called to enter their J.D. program (which will change your life and make you an awesome person)(just saying), then maybe you’re cut out for their Paralegal program.

Ha. I bet you are! Seriously, if I could recommend any program to a guy or girl anywhere between the ages of, say, 14 and 30 – this would be it. It’s one year long with a tuition of only $3500, and in that one year you learn a ton about law, government, writing, reasoning, Biblical counseling, interpersonal skills, and much more. The program equips you to sit for the Certified Legal Assistant exam and become a Certified Paralegal (an incredibly useful skill to have in your skill bag), and is also perfect as a last-year-of-high-school program.

If you are interested in law, politics, history, counseling, or just being a well-rounded person, then absolutely, definitely, totally consider Oak Brook’s Paralegal program! There’s just nothing quite like it. 

 More on that later... the journal continues tomorrow...

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