Snapshots from the 2016 GMHC trip...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Simply looking at this picture makes me happy. It makes me happy because it reminds me of three long, full, wonderful days this month when we were at the Global Missions Health Conference. If you have never been there before, make plans now to attend next year!

Seriously, though, it will change your life. :)

Here is my favorite group at the GMHC. Minus our good Mama. And yes, I do realize that if we'd chosen to stand behind that big map instead of blocking the view of said map, you could have been duly impressed by the number of pins placed carefully, reverently in far-flung regions to which God is calling people.

This map is one of my favorite spots in the church. It represents dedication, sacrifice, eager enthusiasm to bring the Gospel to the remotest places on the planet, the raw knowledge that this life will not be easy...and the absolute commitment to following Christ no matter what.

Did you know that there are 2.8 billion people who have never even heard about Christ? Never even heard? 2.8 billion?

That's why I love this map.

That's why I love this conference.

Aha! Part of the group managed to make it behind the map after all!

And here is our sweet little baby Ibs with a new friend from Romania! The fact that our sweet little baby is now 18 does not diminish her sweet little babyhood-ness from the perspective of Big Sis. Except that she is also a peer, mentor, confidant, best friend, partner in crime, and one of the best people in the world with whom to share a good laugh.

Other than that she is still my little baby.

If I could describe this Mexican meal with one word, I don't know what that word would be. Which is why I'm not going to describe this Mexican meal with one word. I'm not even going to attempt to describe the pure happiness on this plate with anything other than:

DELICIOUUOUOUOUOUOUOUS, plus all other synonyms that you can think of.

That's about it: Burrito al pastor, a food that they eat in heaven, I'm sure.

And.......there is just nothing quite like going to visit your super-old-time-known-them-forever-friends, and getting to see them in their own homes with their own spouses and their own adorable kids running around!!!

The newest addition, Sterling, is barely three weeks old and already a heart-melter.

This guy found Augs' shoes and decided they were an item well worth having.

Never mind that they're a tad big.

Love these people!!

And love these people, too. :) Most definitely.

Would someone please tell me why it already feels like it's been forever since we were on our trip??????

I miss like-minded fellowship already!!!

This is an Adams tradition. When you're leaving the South/Midwest, a stop at Braum's for a little ice cream is a must.

This picture reminds me of what a difficult decision that was, between tall milkshakes and luscious banana splits and towering cones and double-dipped treasures and silky sundaes and and and and...

In the end, the cone won. And I didn't even need any lunch after that. :)

Already looking forward to the GMHC trip 2017!!

Five things I'm thankful for today

Thursday, November 24, 2016

{enjoying playing games with good friends on our recent GMHC 2016 trip}

Five things I am grateful for today:

1. To have Curtis home for the day, resting from his cardiology rotation, and present with us for all the games and food and laughter of this season. As I write, he is hand-painting skis in readiness for the slopes! I'll post a picture once he's done with the project. I promise you, you will be amazed.

2. SNOW!!!!! And lots of it. For several days, the constant deluge of white flakes falling from thick grey clouds has brightened our hearts with visions of upcoming bluebird days and black diamond runs. The countdown on our whiteboard only makes us more excited!

3. Good books. As soon as I finish this, I'm going to go curl up in a comfy chair (hey, it's Thanksgiving!) and soak in a few more pages of "Scatter" - a book that I now feel like pretty much every single person in the world should read. :)

4. Tasty food. And the fact that I just accomplished one of my 2016 goals, by making authentic French croissants at home; results will be judged by the startling realization that within only a couple of hours, the entire batch was gone. Disappeared. Consumed. And requested again.

5. An awesome family, great friends, and a God who makes everything beautiful in His time. I have a LOT to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Life, good memories, and a very beautiful place

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It all comes from looking at old pictures. I was sorting through picture folders recently while looking for a few from Les Iles de la Madeleine, to send to a friend. And it was inevitable. The more pictures I looked at, the more I thought fondly of that wonderful place, all the wonderful people there, and all the wonderful memories we made during our Islands years.

It was a very pleasant experience. I decided I should look through old pictures more often.

This was our backyard view for eons. Can't say this mission field was hard on the eyes.

Can't say that the location of our rented home was hard on the sensibilities (unless you're afraid of cliffs).

But I will say that it was cold. And freezing, blustery, snowy, icy, windy, and beautiful. I loved it.

This, friends, is what you call Ice Jumping. It's an Adams-invented sport and it involves much leaping around between bobbing, slushy ice floes, punctuated by startling dips into chilling water when a wave hits unexpectedly. At which point you climb soddenly out onto the shore, the winter wind smacks you full force, your clothing immediately freezes solid into one icy board (I'm not kidding), and you run for home like your life depends on it (it sort of did a few times...). By the next day, you're ready to tackle those unpredictable ice chunks again and outwit the sneaky waves. Life is an adventure!

And speaking of adventures, tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. we will embark on the GMHC 2016 trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am just a little excited. In fact, it is pretty much all I can think about right now. In fact, that is the reason why I need to go pack right now.

And watch the election.

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