Are You Helping Your Siblings to be at Their Best?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

 [searching for shells in Florida]

If you are young and single, you have probably thought about the person you might marry someday.

Some singles make lists of what they're looking for. Others don't. Some think about their future spouse often, and pray for him or her. Others hardly think of them at all, and only awaken to the idea of a "future spouse" when someone amazing walks into their life.

But there is one constant: everyone has an idea, however undefined, of qualities or a list of qualities they will value in a future spouse.

“I want him to be the spiritual leader.” “I want her to like kids.” “I hope he has a sense of humor.”

Regardless of whether or not you’ve made a “list,” or if you will ever actually get married, there are some items that will be important to you if/when that person does come onto the scene.

Are you helping prepare your single siblings to be their best in marriage?  
How are you helping your brother to control his temper? 

How are you helping your sister to resolve conflict with other siblings? 

When tensions arise in your family, do you encourage everyone to work them out, or are you tempted to just push them under the rug and move on with life? (not recommended!)

These skills, and so many more, will be invaluable in a marriage someday.

I’m not advocating suddenly becoming a giant chisel in your siblings’ lives to bash off rough edges. :) But I am suggesting that you have a privilege (may I say a duty?) to speak encouragement into the lives of your family members, to prayerfully help guide them in a positive direction, to support them in their goals. 

Marriage prep starts now!

Let’s set up the next generation of marriages for success, before they’ve even begun.

I'm Missing Bro #1

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Only 26 days left to go!

A Glimpse of Florida

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Here's a little glimpse of where we were last week... Mums & Ibs & I are on a mini-circuit at the moment, and last week we took a couple of days to visit Curtis in Florida. He's on a surgery rotation there right now, and we are totally missing him!

More coming soon here. I promise. :)

The California Trip: Part Last

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sunday was warm and bright. The drive down to Sacramento was beautiful, and I discovered that taking pictures with Mums' phone can become quite addicting...

We stopped halfway down the mountain to put our feet in a little stream, a stream that runs cold and clear down from the lake above, and it was so pleasant to feel the hot sand beneath our toes, and to hear the water gurgling over the rocks on its way toward Bridal Veil Falls. There were families gathered for picnics, mostly Mexican families with adorable brown-eyed little children and a babbling Spanglish that I love. 

We were up and about at 4:00 a.m. Monday morning, sad to be leaving, but excited about a day of flying, and happily stocked up on wonderful memories. I told myself I wouldn't cry when we left. Ha!

Anyway (two thousand tissues later), it sure was fun to be on a plane again! I never get tired of flying, or at least I haven't yet and I don't plan on it anytime soon. :) A plane experience is even more amazing when you get to enjoy (1) incredible views, (2) Starbucks coffee, (3) Lindt & Sprungli dark chocolate, and (4) a good book (Currently in the middle of "You & Me Forever" by Francis Chan). I took a break from reading and taking pictures to play a game on that little airplane screen thingy... it was something with a caveman trying to get away from a lava flow. Sadly, somewhere in between reading the instructions too fast and being distracted by the view out my window, the poor caveman lost. But at least I won a crossword puzzle!

Here (above) is a picture I quickly snapped as we were leaving. Please disregard the horizon line. Let's assume it was meant to be at that angle. Or maybe it was something about the plane being on an angle. Yeah, that was probably it. :)

By the time we were over Vermont, it was too dark to see anything but the faraway fluffy whiteness of the clouds below us, and it was totally fascinating because there was a lightning storm going on in the clouds. As we descended into Burlington, we came down right through the storm, and I kept my face pressed to the window, watching. Lightning kept flashing brightly all around us, and the plane bucketed up and down and all around. Quite the experience! I like turbulence, and I like storms, and I’ve never had the two together before.

And then we were home... to hugs and talking and the best family in the world!

It was a good trip, a wonderful trip, and I am grateful for every experience. Next year, Lord-willing, I hope to be at Tahoe again! Til then, I am thankful for the memories, thankful for the friendships, and happy with the knowledge that there are many locations in this country that are awesome. I love this country.

With much appreciation for the wonderful people & places in my life,
Emily Anneliese

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