Celebrating Sisters

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ibs and I were out walking the other day, talking about sister relationships, and specifically, the importance of celebrating each other's successes. Ibs and I have always been really close. So close that we lost count long ago of all the people who ask us if we are twins -- despite 5 1/2 years between us. The reality is that those years only serve to draw us closer together, as we both bring a unique perspective to our relationship... We're two peas in a pod and I look up to Ibs in many ways.
One of the things that has kept us close is something our parents taught us: always celebrate each other. There is room in this world for everyone to succeed; comparing ourselves with siblings will only bring damage to our relationships. I am so grateful that they taught us this principle, especially as I have four very talented siblings, and thus I have many opportunities to celebrate their successes. :)
And Ibs may be younger than me, but she is really good at some things that I'm still aspiring to -- and that serves as an inspiration to me, not a discouragement, because my worth or success is not measured by comparing myself to her.

Do you genuinely celebrate your sister's successes?


  1. AMEN!!! Sisters are such a blessing- the very best for shopping trips, cooking adventures, late nights talks, and laughing fits.


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